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Vital Trust Welcomes You – Vital Trust
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In the month of January 1994 a group of youngsters who were working as lecturers in colleges, teachers in schools and psychologists who were practicing psychological counselling came together and founded a centre called Vital Institute of Personality Development and Counselling Centre (VIPDCC).

During 1999-2000 VIPDCC conducted more than 20 Personality Development and Psychological Counselling programmes for school students and college students. About 10000 participants attended the above said programmes and we received remarkable feedbacks.


These feedbacks motivated Dr.M.Ganasekar to start Vital Trust immediately. There after Vital Trust, as a voluntary movement with motto “Towards an eternal knowledge” was solely dedicated to uplift the society, particularly the economically deprived students and destitute children, through teachers’ community and parents in general.

Recent Activities


To Support socially and economically poor students the academic support cell was started. Through this cell Vital Trust supports considerable number of students to persume their higher studies. The students supported by the trust also becoming our sponsors in future and help us in our mission. From the year of 1999 this particular academic support cell is functioning.


This magazine is published to develop life skills among school and college students. Articles of this magazine are delivered by experts in Human Resource Development, Carreer Guidance and Educational consultants. It is highly useful for the students, parents and teachers to develop and execute their HRD and Life skills.


  • Vital-HRD conducts the following courses
  • Student Effectiveness Courses
  • Youth Effectiveness Courses
  • Teacher Effectiveness Courses
  • Parent Effectiveness Courses
  • Leader Effectiveness Courses
  • Job Aspirant Courses