In 2004 January a small booklet of VITAL FLOWER was released, with the noble aim to develop the habit of reading books among Children to Elders.

For the first three months with the support of students forum called Blossom Circle, Five hundred copies of double colour of booklet was given as a private circulation.

By seeing the good reception from the readers in the same year April 2004 ‘VITAL FLOWER’ Magazine had been published as a registered magazine in multicolour of thirty six pages. From the year 2008 – September our magazine was published in the name of AALUMAI SIRPI as a registered magazine under the Charitable trust called VITAL TRUST.

Dr. M. Gnana sekar is the Founder, Hon. Director and Editor of Aalumai Sirpi Magazine. Now it is published in Multi colour with Sixty pages by the dedicated support of highly respectable and Familiar writers.

Our magazine had been started with five hundred copies and today circulated in many hundreds. Since it is circulated to Tamil Nadu libraries regularly and read by Six to Seven lakhs of library readers every month. Also circulated to hundreds of schools and colleges by which we have a wide number of readers. Crossing sixteen years our ‘Aalumai Sirpi’ magazine is continuing its journey like you readers.


  1. Making Aalumai Sirpi magazine as a tool to develop Personality Development Skills and Life Skills from Children to Elders. (or Chidhood to Old age)
  2. Establishing Personality Development Cell (PDC) unit in every school and college to nuture and enhance Personality Skills among all cadre of students.
  3. Creating Book Readers Club (BRC) in schools Colleges, Rural areas and Urban areas to promote a regular habit of reading books for better and meaningful life.


  1. Circulating “Aalumai Sirpi” magazine to all cadre of readers.
  2. Forming and functioning of Personality Development Cell (PDC) in each and every school and college.
  3. Conducting Personality Development oriented “Life Skills program” to Students of schools and colleges, Teachers, Parents, Youth groups, Self-employees, Labourers and Organisational Leaders.
  4. Publishing Books from campiling articles which are contributed in Aalumai Sirpi Magazines.
  5. Participating in Book Exhibitions.
  6. Establishing and Organizing Book Readers Club (BRC) in schools and colleges.
  7. With the help of Past Pupils of concern Schools and Colleges Offering Aalumai Sirpi Magazine and valuable books to Rural area Schools and Colleges.
  8. Conducting Book Exhibitions in schools, colleges, rural and urban areas.
  9. Creating Book Readers and Thinkers (BRT) forum.
  10. Conducting Competitions and offering books during holidays to Encourage Reading habits.