‘ BLOSSOM CIRCLE ’ is the main wing of VITAL TRUST having good hearted persons from all cadres, who support Vital Trust for its year long activities.

The members of ‘ Blossom Circle ‘ support Vital Trust by giving monitory support through sponsors and also give their physical and moral support towards Vital Trust continuously.We thank Specially for ‘Stepping Stones’ and we ‘Reach Out’ who have.

At this moment we thank all our donors for their generosity and good heart. We thank specially for ‘ Stepping Stones ‘ who have helped us in the beginning of Vital Trust. We thank all our old students who are highly responsible for the development of Vital Trust activities and reaching twenty years of service towards the betterment of society.

Previously In July-2002, a student forum of ‘ Blossom Circle ‘ was started by Vital Trust with two main objectives – the first one is developing life skills and leadership skills among College, Polytechnique and Higher educational cadre students. And the second one is making our young students as volunteers to do and participate in Vital Trust activities. Later it was supported by working people and college students. Now it functions as the Heart of Vital Trust.

We welcome you here, to join with us in the various following ‘ Vital Trust ‘ Activities.

  1. Every year we are supporting 30 to 40 students to do their higher education from 6th standard to degree level. This is given by our Academic Support forum, you can give your support to Vital Trust and you can adopt one or two student and educate them.
  2. Vital Trust conducts Student, Teacher and Parent effectiveness courses. So far we have offered our courses to more than one and a half lakh (150 thousands) participants. You can sponsor a program with your friends or along with your organization. This program can be offered to Government, Government-Aided and Corporation school students.
  3. Personality Development Cell (PDC) can be established in schools and colleges by your highly valuable sponsors. You can also periodically visit these schools and colleges and motivate the members of PDC. We can give life skills program, leadership skills program to the members. Eminent Personalities also can be invited by the PDC and through PDC our students will become a better citizens of our society.
  1. You can subscribe for Aalumai Sirpi magazine for online reading or to receive the book in hard copy to your home by post monthly. For this you can pay yearly Rs.300/- (Three Hundred) and become our subscriber.
  1. You can donate one or two books to your loving school or college where you studied. We will intimate your valuable contribution to your school or College every year by a separate letter. (copy and the response will be mailed to you).
  1. You can support separately or along with your friends (Alumni) to start a Book Readers Club in your or deserving school or college. By this scheme, the school selected or chosen, One copy of Aalumai Sirpi magazine and one useful book will be given to each class room, Staff rooms and Library. With the permission of School authorities or management, Class Room Mini Library concept will come true. To follow this, each class room will have a Small Book Rack or Book Shelf and the implementation of Book Readers Club will be executed. In few years BRC students will learn the habit of reading books. This habit will give them good friends (Books) during Critical Situations in their life.

Once the School students and Management know the value of Mini library in class room, they themselves look after this scheme so we can give our support to other needy Schools. This work will be guided and followed by Aalumai Sirpi Office and reports will be given to you.

  1. You are most welcome to join along with Vital Trust to establish libraries in villages, slums and urban areas. If you want to start a mini library in your own locality you can be the Coordinator to do the same. Aalumai Sirpi Office will guide and support you for this initiative.
  1. You can receive our publications of Books written by Dr. M. Gnana Sekar and our Beloved Aalumai Sirpi Writers for your well being. You can also donate a set of books to your beloved school or college library.
  2. During yours and your Family Members Birthday, or your Beloved persons memorable days or at any of your valuable occations you can donate annually to Vital Trust for its continuous Activities like Social Media Work and Others.

Dear  Well wishers,

We request you to become our ‘Blossom circle‘ member. We will send you our activities and recent updates to your mail I’d. You can also  be a part of Vital Trust by joining as a member.


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