Personality Development Cell (PDC), a student’s club was founded and created by Dr. M. Gnanasekar with the noble cause of developing life skills and leadership skills among students.

The first Personality Development Cell (PDC) was founded by Dr. M. Gnanasekar in the year 1996, January with 30 eleventh standard students of ST. Gabriel’s Hr. Sec. School, at Broadway, Chennai-108.

Since then, from 1996 Vital Trust and its team members have organized several & hundreds of Human resource development courses all over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry states. About five hundred educational institutions have received and profited from our VITAL-HRD courses. During these courses, Personality Development Cell (PDC) were also established in many educational institutions.

If you are interested to start PDC in your educational institutions, you are most welcome to contact us.

Helps weak students to study better, conducts morning and evening tests for students to excel academically. Participates in all academic activities and lead other to participate in the same way. Promotes study skills like memory enhancement, mind and purposeful reading.

They arrive at school or college half an hour before commencement of the school and regulate the students to their classrooms and keep the school campus a silent zone. And volunteer for everyday assembly.

During lunch hours they monitor the students to eat their food without spilling and messing. They also help in serving midday-meals for deserving students. Seeing the spillage they learn not to refuse food, spill their food or waste their food.

They maintain five to ten notice boards in school. Articles are continuously displayed. Best articles and charts displayed are given prizes. The items are categorised as school, state, national and international.

Volunteering in various school or college functions. Annually they volunteer for a minimum of 20 programmes. They help in erecting stage and in seating arrangements, decorations, hospitality (serving snacks) and regulating the public behaviour of other students. This helps them to learn event management, arrangement, hospitality and self regulation by regulating others’ behaviour.

They take care of the art work of Personality Development Cell. They display greeting charts and posters for special functions or school or college level exhibitions. They help in decorations like hangings, mobiles, flyers, twisted flotillas and floats for school or college functions. This group encourages and helps students to exhibit their artistic craft skills.

Conducting meetings to develop communication skills among members. Members are given chance to speak on different topics, questions are also answered by the participants. This workshop enhance the public speaking skills in
1. Extempore speech
2. Topic speech
3. Turn coat speech
4. Quick thinking
5. Crisis visualisation
6. Regular oratory

All P.D.C programme stage and seating arrangements and refreshment arrangements are done by this group. Yearly camp arrangement also done by this group. P.D.C organizes four to five days camp every year to develop various skills among the members. This helps them to plan, budget, co-ordinate and execute precisely defined sequence of activities.

Preparing various cultural programmes and perform in school or college and camp functions. They also participate in interschool or intercollege cultural competitions and showcase their talents and win prizes also. It helps the students to bring out their innate talents in performing arts.

Books on personality studies, departmental oriented books and various magazines are maintained by this wing. Students can take any book for a week’s time and study. They also review a book in front of the members of P.D.C in special meeting which increases their critical reading and speaking skills.

On first Friday of every month they collect money, notebooks, used dresses, cosmetic items, uniforms(school) from students and distribute to poor students. They also visit orphanages, old age homes, hospitals and do some help and entertain them with cultural shows. This helps them learn to be compassionate, caring and sharing with the needy.

Conducts quiz competition among students and enhances their general knowledge. Organizing ability of rational thinking and competitive spirit are all developed. They also participate in interschool quiz competitions and different media programmes. Club members are encouraged to conduct quiz, prepare quiz cards and gather new information so that their interest in GK is increased.

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