‘Bloom thyself’ will be the only dictum which will be ever uttered in our hearts and minds. Elevating a person to the maximum heights is our first objective.


  • Making a person to hold a proper self esteem.
  • Identifying the real meaning of personality.
  • Revealing the hidden person by providing the appropriate ground to expose his inner potentials.
  • Implanting the root for ‘Rebirth’ i.e. mental rebirth. (While physical birth is given by the mothers) This notion, we believe, will make the participants to realize the actual meaning of birth and life in this world.
  • Proffering the routes to break tensions, mental blocks & fears and bringing a definite change in one’s state of mind.
  • Developing the skills in interpersonal relationship through which we can influence others and be influenced by others.
  • Realizing the worth of human life or the value of living and apprehending between living and existing.



  1. Discovering & developing self-esteem of the participants.
  2. Acquiring self confidence .
  3. Bringing out necessary changes in the ways of living.

These are the principal strategies of vital programmes. Our programme co-ordinators will bring out many innovative & creative methods to make any concept clear. They also would advocate personal & practical exercises. In order to make the ideas to be more transparent. For skills development, Practical seminars will be offered to the candidates. Action oriented sessions will make our course more light and interesting. Time schedule & course content are framed based on the psychological attention capacity of the participants. Our very short input divices will give better understanding and effective participation, whereby easy transformation can be attained in the candidates thoughts. Our participants will be given full freedom to comprehend and clarify the theories. They also will be entertained to exhibit their individual understandings and unique perceiving capacities. Apart from this, Simple Yoga, Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation techniques also will be introduced. Above all these exercises give physical and mental health in every person. ‘Human Centred Approach’ will be Vital’s primary focus. VIPHRD will place more importance in the persons than on mere performances.



Vital courses will be concentrating on intrapersonal and interpersonal concepts. Furnishing sufficient conceptual knowledge and inculcating practical skills to implement in life will be the prior plan of action with regard to Intrapersonal and Interpersonal skills development. Hence VIPHRD has various novel methods to materialize its objectives.

Group activities and discussions Personal evaluation and analysis
Story based discussion Thrilling drills
Group games Fantasy experiences
Debates Group and panel discussion
Team facilitation Riddle solving
Mind skill development Language games
Visual centred discussion Role plays
Public speaking Action research
Situation Analysis Teacherless learning or staff learning
Case studies Assignments
Voluntary involvement in groups Survey methods
Field visits Proposing and submitting projects
Attending and conducting interviews Participating in symposium & seminars
Yoga, pranayama practices Relaxation & meditation techniques
Enhancing energy levels Selling & marketing skills Exercises


Course Director, 

Vital HRD Founder and Hon.Director

Dr. M.Gnana Sekar M.Sc., M.Phil (Chem)., M.Ed., M.Phil  (Education).,M.S (Counselling & Psychotherapy).,M.S.W., M.Sc (Psychology)., Ph.D (Education & Psychology).,FCHRD (Educational counsellor, Psychologist, HRD Trainer, Writer)