Vital Students & Parents Counselling Centre (VSPCC)

What is VSPCC?

Vital Students and Parents counselling centre (VSPCC) is a psychological Counselling centre offering Counselling for students and parents. With proper appointment, the psychologists will counsel the needy person.

Need of VSPCC

As we know very well today, parenting becomes a difficult matter for many parents. When we go through our day-today magazines, weeklies one can easily understand the need of psychological counseling for parents, students and for teachers.

We get enourmous number of phone calls and appointments for students counseling.

Today students and parents are undergoing a great stress, which in turn leads to lot of problems. Hence, this counseling process helps them to come out of their shells and shows a right path to live happily.

Project under work

“Vital Trust” is now looking for a sponsor, for this counselling centre, we would like to have a full time working centre from 9.00a.m to 9.00p.m Two or three psychological counsellors will be appointed in turn, who will be guiding the needy students or parents. We would like to extend this service though phone calls also. Any student or parent, who would like to have counselling could contact our centre and receive counselling. This help line phone call facility will be extended and executed according to the need. This facility definitely will help thousands of students and parents all over India.

‘Vital Blossom Centre’ Our future vision

‘Vital Trust’ planning to set a centre in a suitable place to facilitate various training programmes for teachers, parents students and youth groups. We are working to bring out a bigger project, we hope this will be possible in another five years. In future by god’s blessing and people support we will have a ‘Vital Blossom Centre’ (VBC) with the following training centres.

  • Blossom Centre for school Students.
  • Blossom Centre of College Students.
  • Blossom Centre for Parents.
  • Blossom Centre for Teachers
  • Blossom Centre for Administrators
  • Blossom Centre for workers.

Blossom Centre will have a world class meditation centre, training centre, library and research centre, counselling centre, relaxation centre and many more in one campus.